Will We See Your Photos In Our 2021 Edition? Results 1 February 2022!

We know the past 12 months has been 'challenging' for many landscape photographers. Quite a few of us haven't been travelling much at all, but on the other hand, others have been rediscovering landscapes closer to home. And if we have been locked down for a while due to COVID, we've certainly had an opportunity to edit and refine our best images - having a passion has made some aspects of the restrictions that much easier.

So, as we leave COVID behind (eventually) and hoping you are as passionate as ever about landscape photography, now is the time to enter your best work into our 2021 International Landscape Photographer of the Year awards.

We really believe there's nothing more satisfying than seeing your photos published alongside the world's best. And the International Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards book is a real book - printed on paper and bound between hard covers, but of course, you can also see the wonderful flip-book presentations here on the website. Being published is a mark of success!

This is our eighth year of the International Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards and the main aim of our Award is to be one of the Top 101 landscape photographs of the year. This gives you a place in our exclusive book which is published online and can be purchased as a 'real' hard-cover paper publication as well (it's proudly printed by Momento Pro).

There is US$10,000 in cash prizes for the top three photographs and top three photographers (requiring a portfolio of at least four entries), a printed copy of the book from Momento Pro, and a NiSi filter outfit. And there are five special subject prizes winning a print from Created For Life!

So, what's the process? Your job is to impress our five judges, including last year's winner Kelvin Yuen. And entry is easy - just size your file to 4000-5000 pixels on the longest side, save it as a JPEG and upload it. The entry fee remains unchanged at US$25 per image, and if you enter by 8 November 2021, every fifth entry is free. Final entries are accepted until 15 November 2021. 

When the competition closes, our judges will use calibrated computer monitors to judge each photograph, giving it a score out of 100. Judges can open each and every entry and view it pixel for pixel on their monitor if required - and this is invariably done before they give their higher scores. Technique and craft are just as important as creativity for the top awards.

Once the first round of judging is completed, we have a score for each entry out of 500, expressed as a percentage. The top 115 odd photos are selected and checked to ensure they comply with the rules (not taken before 1 January 2019, for example) and that there are not two or more photographs that are very similar (we are looking for variety). There is also a limit on the number of photographs a single entrant can have in the Top 101 - no more than four, just to share the experience around. In the past, we've found that selecting the top 115 to 120 allows us to end up with the top 101, taking into account these adjustments.

We then move into the next round of judging, as outlined in our rules. The judges are engaged a second time to determine the Photographer of the Year (1st, 2nd, 3rd), the Photograph of the Year (1st, 2nd, 3rd) and five special subject awards. This can take two or even three rounds of scoring and comment before the judges come up with their final result.

Once we have the results, we'll contact all the top prize winners, but we won't be telling them if they won the big prize or just one of the special prizes. We need a little background information about the winners for the book. If you don't hear from us before the winners are announced, it doesn't mean you're not in the Top 101, it just means you didn't win one of the prizes.

At this stage, we have everything we need and so it's into production. Our art director is given the photographs and the text and she weaves her magic to produce the book. We aim to have all this ready so we can announce the winners on 1 February 2022 (we moved it back from 15 January 2022 to ensure we get maximum publicity for our winners - a lot of the world is on holidays during January).

So, that's the road map! We hope you enjoy getting your entries ready for our Awards and the best of luck!

Peter Eastway and David Evans

International Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards

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