Oleg Ershov is our last year's award winner, from Moscow, Russia, Explained Oleg, “My passion for landscape photography is based on a love of nature, especially in places where human intervention is not yet visible. Just being in location at dawn and watching the start of a new day gives me tremendous vitality.”

Oleg is an amateur landscape photographer, funding his passion by working for a food distribution company.

“My interest for photography began in 2007 when I bought my first DSLR camera and signed up for a photo tour to the Southwest USA. I was struck by the tremendous variety of landscapes, colours and textures found in nature. Since then, I spend all my free time improving my skills and knowledge in landscape photography. I usually spend six weeks a year on photo trips, sometimes in groups, often on my own.”

Oleg says that at the beginning of his career, he really liked shooting panoramas. “In fact, I shot panoramas most of the time - multi-row, HDR and vertical - but then I met landscape photographers such as Joe Cornish, David Ward, Rafael Rojas and Bruce Percy. I didn’t try to copy their styles, rather I took from them what I liked the best and then gradually, I felt that my skills were improving and that my work was becoming more serious.”

Now Oleg also enjoys vertical landscapes because of their dynamism, expressiveness and depth, and indeed all four of his winning entries were verticals.

“I have always used full-frame Canon EOS 5D-series cameras. Currently it is the Canon EOS 5DSR because the high number of megapixels is very important for landscape photography and for me personally."

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